Presentations now available

Day one:

Panel Discussion - Part 1 Vimeo link

Panel Discussion - Part 2 Vimeo link

Emily Hazlewood - ANU Press PDF

John Emerson - University of Adelaide Press PDF

Sarah Cannon - Monash University Press PDF

Susan Murray & Agata Mrva-Montoya - Sydney University Press | Workflows, budgets, rights and more! PDF

Belinda Tiffen - UTS Library | UTS ePRESS PDF

Kevin Stranack - Public Knowledge Project and Simon Fraser University | OJS 3: The Latest in Open Source Publishing Software PDF Vimeo link

Scott Abbott - UTS ePRESS | New forms of Open Scholarship PDF Vimeo link

Day two:

Hannah McFarlane - Sydney University Press | IGP: Digital Publisher demo PDF

Julie-Anne Marshall and Scott Abbott - UTS eScholarship and UTS ePRESS | Accreditation basics PDF

David Wood - W3C and University of Queensland | The Future of Books on the Web Slides (HTML) Vimeo link (audio)

Written on January 8, 2017